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Chapel and Chaplaincy

The restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic

have necessitated great changes in the way Chapel has operated over the past year.

Whilst it has been hugely encouraging to return physically to Chapel this year, conditions have meant that it has been in year group bubbles and there has not been any congregational singing.

 This has been enormously disappointing to the pupils and a diminishment of their experience of Chapel.

We all hope these limitations are lifted soon.

Despite these very unusual circumstances, the Christmas Carol Services went ahead

and great imagination was used to ensure that we were able to enjoy some carols alongside the readings.

Huge praise should be given to the pupils for their ability to adapt to these new conditions

and especially to our year group choirs who have supported all our services with their singing.

 Not unexpectedly, we had to postpone our 2020-21 Church of England Confirmation Service.

We are planning for our thirty-one candidates to be confirmed by the Bishop of Brixworth on 2 October.

Looking further ahead it is hoped to hold both Church of England and Roman Catholic Confirmation Services in 2022.

In terms of the wider Chaplaincy, pastoral contact has been more important than ever and this has evolved naturally out of the relationships that form from the unique privilege in being able to live and work in a boarding community.

Finally, great praise is due to colleagues in the Chaplaincy and the Music Department as well as the School Proctor and Chapel Warden for their work this year.

They are a hugely stimulating, imaginative and committed team and a great pleasure to work with.

 We say goodbye to Mr C Hutchinson this year after two years as Chaplaincy and Chemistry Fellow.

He has made a significant contribution in that time and we wish him success as he heads off to train as a teacher. May God bless him and us all.

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