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Spaniards are like Texans—always welcoming,

ready to extend a hand and a little elbow grease to bolster the mission of the arts.

From this perspective, a transatlantic agreement among The Dallas Opera, Teatro Real (Madrid’s royal opera house),

BY WAY OF SPAIN and the Meadows Museum is entirely plausible. Honorary Consul of Spain Janet Kafka knows this better than anyone.

“I studied at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I went there to pursue my love of the Spanish language and ended up falling in love with Spain and its culture.”

She’s dedicated much of her consular work to raising awareness of these shared sentiments

and the rich cultural playgrounds these two international cities offer.

“I took a course at the Prado Museum to learn about Spanish art and a course on the architecture of Spain.

I traveled extensively throughout Spain and discovered the indigenous food and wines of the country, the regional diversity of its people, and was exposed to the music and dance native to each region.”

Involved with Spain throughout her entire career, Kafka became a catalyst for a unique initiative among the three acclaimed institutions.

“On one of my trips to Spain, I learned that the Teatro Real was preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary,

and one of their top priorities was to develop international exchanges in celebration of this significant birthday.

Knowing that The Dallas Opera is one of our great Dallas cultural treasures, I thought ‘Why not propose an initiative with The Dallas Opera?’”

Always seeking “common institutional objectives that, by bringing the parties together, can bring Dallas a little closer to Spain,”

Kafka works closely in her role as Honorary Consul and as an advisory council member of the Meadows Museum alongside the museum’s director, Mark Roglán.

“Mark expressed interest in joining this initiative as the visual arts partner.

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