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Britain’s first official Music Chart

There was a lot of excitement on the gospel scene at the end of last year, when the GMIA (Gospel Music Industry Alliance)

Britain’s first official Music Chart announced that the UK music industry will see the launch of the first

Official Christian and Gospel Album Chart expected in the Spring of 2013.

Views may vary on what a chart may (or indeed may not) bring to UK Gospel. Ken Burton, Director of the London Adventist Chorale,

believes that it can encourage healthy competition, and therefore help raise everyone to new artistic standards.

That perspective has a certain validity to me. Sometimes creativity works well when people either face a personal challenge,

Britain’s first official Music Chart or are inspired to create great works similar to another artist.

CHART BENEFITS Certainly, over time, charts have proven to be drivers (or cogs) that help the engines of the music industry and the genres they represent to run:

music buyers are assisted in knowing what might be the ‘best buy’ among thousands of choices;

artists have empirical proof or measurement of the popularity of their work,

while music business managers and investors can justify their current and future strategies and plans.

Charts help to push new artists with new sounds and styles to the fore.

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