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Bringing social awareness into fashion

Loved by women all over the world, the Coster Copenhagen fashion universe presents an unusually successful combination of style,

social awareness and practicality.

This autumn’s collection will see a combination of raw botanic prints, frills and long skirts, and is, as always, produced with a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability.

In 2012, after many years of working and designing for other fashion brands, Pia Coster set out to found her own company.

Though she started out modestly from the family’s living room, the project’s potential became clear as soon as the first collection hit the market.

Pia’s husband, Chris Coster, soon took over the company’s administration and, six years later, the couple are still working and holidaying together.

Aside from a strong marriage, Pia Coster puts the brand’s success down to its high quality, reasonable prices and wearability.

“The clothes themselves create an independent identity and don’t need styling with an extra wardrobe of accessories,” she argues.

“They’re easy to wear and easy to understand you don’t need scarves, necklaces and extra blouses.

There are so many small and simple details in the designs,

which make each item complete in itself.”

It is a formula that has earned Coster Copenhagen fans all over the world.

Today, the brand is distributed in 15 coun tries and the Coster family has been extended,

with 18 employees now working at the company’s stylish Northern Zealand office.

A complete universe

Coster Copenhagen produces four yearly collections, each split into three colour-coordinated drops.

This means that each month, customers get a complete Coster universe from which they can easily mix and match pieces to create easily interchangeable looks.

“Our customers are very loyal they buy everything from trousers to coats from us, and might come in and get three tops, a pair of jeans and a jacket in one go.

That’s why we have chosen to do it this way.

It’s different from what other brands do,

but it means that it is very easy for our customers to match from everything in our universe.”

To make things even easier, Coster Copenhagen’s seasonal collections are complemented by a permanent collection of long-lasting staple products, with simple designs and colours.

“Our basic collection is constantly expanding but we don’t change the old products or the colours, and this means that our customers can always come back and find that specific colour to match another item,”

Chris Coster explains.

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