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Bringing Lapland’s magic to the heart of Finland’s capital

Inspired by Lapland’s nature and forests, Restaurant Saaga serves traditional Lappish dishes seasoned with Lapland’s exotic charm.

Located in the centre of Helsinki, the restaurant boasts design and décor that reflect Lapland’s rich culture,

bringing a piece of Lapland’s enchantment to diners.

Restaurant Saaga’s specialities include Nordic delicacies such as fish, reindeer, bear, elk, Lappish cheese, wild forest mushrooms and berries.

The restaurant sources most of its ingredients from small producers in Lapland and Finland to

guarantee the authenticity and excellent quality of speciality ingredients.

Saaga’s dishes are served on wooden platters and slate stones, in cast iron pots,

ice and wooden ‘kuksa’ mugs – ancient wooden carved multi-purpose utensils – all of which help create a meal that appeals to all senses.

The inspiration for Restaurant Saaga comes from old stories and myths as well as the ‘magical madness’ of Lapland.

From reindeer antler chandeliers to skis and old pictures of Lapland’s landscapes decorating the walls and ceiling,

every small detail in the restaurant’s interior is a nod to Lapland’s rich culture and exotic charm, Bringing Lapland’s

and the work of artists and artisans from Lapland features strongly in the restaurant’s design.

“Saaga means ‘story’,” says Heli Laakkonen, marketing manager of A&S Restaurants.

“We want to stay true to Lapland and encourage customers to be a part of our story: our meals offer a combination of tastes,

tales and sensations for those wanting to experience Lappish culture.”

Saaga is part of A&S Restaurants, a family-owned company that runs five other unique restaurants in central Helsinki: Russian Saslik,

Finnish Savotta, old storehouse restaurant Savu and two summer restaurants,

Finnish Saari on the Sirpalesaari Island and Scandinavian Saaristo on the Klippan Island.

“Catering for small, intimate dinners as well as larger parties, Saaga is located on two floors and can seat up to 120 customers,” says Laakkonen.

“Our Shaman private room has seats for ten people and the ground floor dining room can accommodate private parties of up to 60 guests.

Excellent customer service is an integral part of our business: diners can expect friendly, personalised service here.”

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