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Since taking over Chrisma Christian Centre in Woolwich, South East London, in 2003, I have been on a challenging and inspiring journey,

leading members of what was once a small congregation from a place of brokenness, to one where people are excited

BREAKING THROUGH AFTER A BREAK-UP about their faith, the church and reaching out to the community.

The New Testament Church of God was started with just a handful of people, by founding pastor, Bishop Eldermire Johnson, in 1967.

After several changes in the leadership over the years, December 2003 marked another milestone in the history of the church, as the members had to ‘begin again’ after

(shall we say) ‘a parting of the ways’ of the previous leadership, and my wife and I were assigned as the new leaders.

Amongst all the other happenings was the reality of a building that was falling apart; no money in the bank, and not many willing to volunteer.

Nonetheless, we set out to repair the building, the ministry, its finances and the people.

First came the change of our name and mission statement, BREAKING THROUGH AFTER A BREAK-UP which the Lord gave to me: Chrisma

(the Greek word meaning the unction or anointing of the Holy Spirit) Christian Centre – Transforming Lives by the Power and Word of God.

With the expertise of a very gifted young man, Dukiel Barrett, we designed our logo which has remained our unique branding.

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