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Award-winning architectural solutions based on vast experience

The Tampere-based architectural design firm and construction consulting company Arkkitehtitoimisto

Neva Oy (Neva Architects Ltd) boasts over 40 years of experience creating high-grade architectural solutions for its wide range of clients.

Neva Architects’ versatile portfolio includes residential, public and commercial sector projects, Award-winning

as well as masterplanning, restoration and future visioning.

Through the years, the firm has gained a reputation as a reputable partner that works in close cooperation

with its clients and approaches each project with new eyes and renewed interest.

“First and foremost, all projects are unique.

All our clients receive personalised service and end products,” explains CEO Petteri Neva.

“The project site is our starting point for the design and directly linked to factors like climate, Award-winning

transport links and visibility – depending on the project type – and once the area has been mapped in the right way,

the client’s needs come to the foreground.

We need to take into account style and qualitative factors that fit the client’s brief and budget.

While we do steer them towards sustainable architecture, we don’t put words in their mouths.

“Naturally one of the main premises for the design lies also in the intended use of the building – without dismissing design-led thinking.”

Neva Architects has worked on projects all around Finland,

but is also setting its sights beyond Finnish borders.

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