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An Update on the LJS Vision

Following the incredible work of this community, in the previous academic year,

 to develop the new LJS Vision and Values, 2018 – 2019 has been spent embedding these ideas into the everyday language and experience of the School.

The LJS Vision, which is organised into the five strategic objectives that also form the structure of this Review, is the foundation on which our new School Strategic Plan is built.

This three-year overview of School development strategy is captured in greater detail

in the annual action plans that outline precisely how each aspect of the Vision will be developed over the course of an academic year.

This Review will, as well as celebrating the exceptional achievements of this wonderful School,

 support community understanding of the superb steps that we have taken, this year, to realise our Vision.

In turn, this will ensure that LJS is driving its development forwards such that

it is recognised as one of the leading independent day junior schools in the country.

As well as the significant and exciting work that has taken place towards the development of our strategic objectives, we have also dedicated considerable time and energy to the embedding of our five LJS Values

(Love of Learning, Care, Opportunity, Community and Quality) into the attitudes and behaviours of our community.

Posters and postcards featuring the five Values have found their way into every classroom,

office and learning space, as well as being sent home for children and parents to interact with outside of School hours.

Each half-term, a different LJS Value has been the focus of our weekly assemblies, and key messaging from these has filtered into PSHE and Form Time conversations.

The new monthly Celebration Assemblies have been a huge success,

with children’s commitment to the Values brilliantly celebrated through the Values Certificates and the prestigious LJS Values Award! Next year,

with so much work already in place to support the children’s understanding and application of the Values, we will turn our attention to the School’s Mission,

which outlines the essential qualities that we wish to build in our children throughout their LJS experience.

Indeed, we are very much looking forward to introducing a range of new and exciting initiatives

in support of this endeavour, and sharing these with you as the academic year unfurls.

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