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An all-year tropical holiday close to home

The Lalandia water parks in the Danish towns

Rødby and Billund guarantee fun-filled family adventures all year round – and it feels just like the Caribbean.

The Aquadome, as Lalandia brands its indoor world of water fun, offers plenty of tropical atmosphere

all year round and is a paradise for the whole family.

In fact, the Aquadomes in Rødby and Billund are Scandinavia’s two largest waterparks.

“We offer a warm holiday close to home but far from everyday life.

Our aim is to offer the best experience to families that Scandinavia has to offer,”

explains Jan Harrit, Lalandia’s Executive Director.

Visitors can move freely between the indoor and outdoor pools, and even in the winter months it is a great experience to swim outdoors.

The pool remains at the same pleasant temperature even when it is freezing outside.

At Lalandia in Rødby the outdoor pool is 140 cm deep and is heated in an environmentally-friendly An all-year tropical

way using the excess heat from the ice skating rink.

“Town under a roof”

“It is great to be able to offer the warm holiday experience year-round, An all-year tropical

not least here in our region where the winter is long and dark.

We want to give families the chance to enjoy a bit of quality time together,” says Harrit.

When visiting Lalandia you stay in a holiday house, each with its own patio,

with access to the Aquadome plus lots of activities nearby, like a sports hall, a gym, trampolines,

climbing walls and a skiing slope – as well as many shops and themed restaurants.

According to Harrit, it is “like a town under a roof”.

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