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In De Architectura, the Roman architect Vitruvius extolled

the virtue of architecture reflecting the perfect proportion of the human body.

His theories citing stability, unity, and beauty have inspired builders throughout millennia.

These timeless elements germinated in the North Dallas home of Cindy Nelson.

The Dallas native found the ideal architect to build her dream home in Jay Brotman.

 While Brotman is perhaps best known for rebuilding Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, he is also Nelson’s brother.

And while his projects are mostly nonresidential, for his sister he designed a contemporary idyll.

Dallasbased architect William Snyder was also part of the architectural team. As Brotman explains, “Will brought in a lot of modern housing techniques.”

Snyder also drew up the final construction documents to reflect local building codes.

Nelson hired Dallas-based Susan Newell as the builder who then also provided her with critical interior-design advice.

Together they designed the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets.

“I loved picking every piece,” Nelson exclaims.

They worked closely with Poggenpohl to design an open kitchen, and with knoxtile for the bathrooms.

Lynn Brotman, Nelson’s sister-in-law and a corporate interior designer, made additional contributions, including the design of the Venetian plaster fireplace in the den.

While each professional brought unique expertise to the project, Nelson is universally credited for her specific tastes.

“She did a lot of homework. She had a good feeling for what she wanted and she could visualize it,” Newell says. Brotman’s approach to any project starts by listening.

“We had to understand how Cindy wanted to live,” he says. Newell joined these initial conversations shortly thereafter.

 “We first came up with the design concept and developed it from that (with Brotman),” she explains.

Ultimately, the home was designed from the inside out.

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