After Alvar Aalto

About one in every four jobs in Helsinki is design related.

The city lives and breathes design, and the rest of the country is not far behind.

Between the Design Museum, the Alvar Aalto Museum, and the Museum of Finnish Architecture,

the Finnish capital’s Design District offers visiting art junkies all the creative inspiration they could wish for – and more.After Alvar Aalto

But Finnish design is more than the simple lines of Aalto’s glassware and the art glass and iconic candle holders from Iittala.

Marimekko’s bold and colourful textile prints may have become household must-haves across Europe and beyond,

and it is fair to say that there are more than a few collectors of Moomin mugs and fans of Koskinen’s Block Lamp out there – but the Finnish design values of simplicity,

durability and style have spurred on many a gifted designer to make it way beyond the domestic market.

Scan Magazine set out to explore what Finnish designers, up-and-coming as well as more established, After Alvar Aalto

have to offer consumers and home-makers today. Steeped in a design heritage that promotes sustainability and sneers at the throw-away trend,

the creatives featured bring passion and problem-solving to everything

from lighting to furniture and postcard design.

“There is too much rubbish in the world today,”

says Jouko Järvisalo, professor of furniture design and head designer of furniture manufacturer Mobel.

And indeed, as the interviews with Finnish designers on the next few pages will show,

this is a sentiment that is echoed across the Finnish design scene – whether you speak to the accessory designer whose one-ofa-kind wooden buttons caused a stir,

or the designer of eco-friendly pendants who will not take darkness for an answer,

the illustrator who loves a good fairy tale, or the lighting designer who creates solutions so in tune with nature that the stars still shine through.

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