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A sauna like no other

Taking the sauna experience to the next level, Hallaus Architects’ new innovation,

Zenestar, mixes a traditional sauna with other wellbeing essentials and smart tech.

Scan Magazine spoke to the CEO of the company,

Susanna Halla, about what is next in line for the award-winning start-up.

Imagine a private space of sheer luxury, where your wellbeing is the number-one priority.

A smart-tech exercise mat plays music, while a virtual personal trainer is there for you at any time of the day.

Natural cosmetics, a non-alcoholic sparkling drink made of hand-picked spruce sprouts, A sauna like no other

and other Finnish luxury goods are always available – and in true Finnish style, you can also use the space as a traditional sauna.

Zenestar is a wellness space solution created by Hallaus Architects, A sauna like no other

a Finnish interior and product design company specialising in wellness and healthcare and led by CEO and interior architect Susanna Halla.

“When it’s not being used, a sauna doesn’t usually have a function, and they are often almost entirely identical to each other.

With Zenestar, we wanted to diversify the idea of a sauna as a wellbeing space and make it a true healing environment,” Halla explains.

Combining Nordic wood design with technological solutions, physical exercise and the finest Finnish products,

Zenestar pampers all of your senses. Not too familiar with how to use a sauna?

There is even an instruction video for that. With Zenestar, your comfort and privacy are everything.

A solution for your every need

Zenestar is currently targeting hotels and spas in the United Arab Emirates, with ski resorts around the world being another potential client.

“It’s a really great initiative for hotels, as it brings something new to their usually empty, characterless gyms,” says Halla.

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