A family affair

In Finland, Aarikka has been a household name for generations.

It stands for classic Finnish design the way Finns love it: pure, accessible, colourful and fun,

with a place in everyday life and every home.

Aarikka was born in 1954 as the kind of grassroots success story that many only dream of:

young textile design graduate Kaija Aarikka had made a dress as her graduate piece, only she lacked the wooden buttons she had envisioned for it.

When she could not find them, A family affair

she made them herself. Those five buttons created a stir, leading to work requests and orders and, finally, a company of her own that she formed together with her husband.

Since the button days, Aarikka has become synonymous with coloured birch and pine wood,

silver jewellery and interior design items that all carry the unmistakable Aarikka look. With its pure,

simple lines and Nordic materials, Aarikka was making sustainable handicraft long before the term became fashionable – and with a social conscience,

too: a large share of the production employs home-makers, retirees and employees in sheltered workshops.

Run today by the three Aarikka sisters alongside their mother Kaija, who still designs,

the company has a large export market in Asia, the United States and northern Europe.A family affair

Turning 60 in 2014, the company is celebrating its milestone year with a new collection. Aarikka is going from strength to strength with a concept that is still winning: bold and timeless design,

creating classics for every generation.

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