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A double dose of bold Finnish jewellery design

From Princess Leia’s famed necklace to pieces based on ancient Scandinavian designs,

and from contemporary creations following fashion trends to modern yet timeless elegance, two of Finland’s best-loved jewellery brands,

Kalevala Koru (Kalevala Jewelry) and Lapponia Jewelry, have produced

some instant classics over the years – and continue to enchant with their bold designs.

Today, the two brands can be found under one jewellery group, forming one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Kalevala Koru and Lapponia Jewelry are both known for their distinctive brand identities and strong traditions, A double dose

but their bold approach to design is something that undoubtedly unifies them.

Kalevala Koru has been around for 75 years and was established by the Finnish Kalevala Women’s Association, A double dose

which is devoted to preserving and advancing Finnish cultural heritage and today owns the jewellery group.

The association originally started creating pieces based on archaeological finds and historic jewellery,

and this is something the Kalevala brand is still strongly associated with,

but its modern collections have attained just as strong a following.

In 2012, it was chosen as the 15th most valued brand in Finland.

However, even in new collections, Kalevala Koru still emphasises the story and inspiration behind each piece.

The Eira jewellery made for Kalevala Koru’s Made in Helsinki collection, for example,

was inspired by heat motifs found on a building located in the Eira district in Helsinki.

Lapponia Jewelry, which was established in the 1960s,

is famous for creating Princess Leia’s Planetoid Valleys necklace for Star Wars, which is still part of their collection.

“Lapponia often draws inspiration from nature and Lapland, and creates strong statement pieces

for people who are confident with their own style; their designs are in essence like works of art,”

explains sales director Ursula Ilmes. The brand has also found a lot of fans outside of the Nordic region.

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