A brand with characters

Saga is a nickname that also means tale.

Laga is a Swedish word that means to make. A brand with characters

Sagalaga is a company that makes furniture and cards with stories.

“The idea for Sagalaga was born out of the desire to establish a brand for which we could combine our expertise to make something by ourselves – to create stories,”

says Satu Ketola, the designer and one of the owners of Sagalaga. Satu, as it happens, is also a Finnish name that means tale.

The fairy tale became true when Ketola, illustrator and graphic designer, and her partner,

a commercial filmmaker, established Sagalaga around a year ago. In addition to creating the actual stories,

the company also designs postcards, posters, trays and towels, for example.

What all items have in common is nature. Nature, A brand with characters

to Sagalaga’s products, is about the Finnish forests as well as characters: the forest animals, foxes and owls, live in Sagalaga’s illustrations.

“They are both animals from Scandinavian mythology, and they both have special and multifaceted characters of their own,” explains Ketola.

The foxes and owls became famous thanks to Ketola’s art exhibition at Pori Jazz festival this summer.

In fact, she designed the entire visual identity of the renowned international music festival, and now, the web shop sells 100 per cent Finnish products and tells the tales of the Finnish forests.

“The products have a purpose, but they also bring a little joy to your everyday life.

We want people to smile and see the stories in the illustrations,” says Ketola.

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