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A big piece of Norway in just one stay

You may have seen a typical postcard from Norway, with dramatic mountain peaks, scenic fjords and a varied wildlife.

In the village of Ørsta, the postcard idyll comes to life, and you can spend every day hiking the surrounding mountains

during summer and ski all the way down during winter.

Hotell Ivar Aasen is at the heart of the adventures, offering top-notch accommodation for the tourist and explorer alike.

In the 1800s, British lords such as Slingsby and Mohn discovered the charming village of Ørsta, A big piece of Norway

located in majestic Sunnmøre on the west coast of Norway.

While the fjords were attracting visitors from afar already, the lords discovered excellent climbing spots and hiking routes to boot.

Some of the mountains are in fact named after these nobilities, for example Mohns Topp.

More than 200 years on, people come here for the exact same reasons – but the visitors are no longer limited to the nobility.

“It is an adventure playground, but it will never be crowded,”

says Vivi-Ann Teige, managing director at Hotell Ivar Aasen.

“You will likely feel like you have the mountains to yourself, just like the lords did centuries ago.”

Hotell Ivar Aasen is a modern hotel located at the heart of the adventures, and while offering a comfortable bed for an exhausted hiker,

it also boasts a great kitchen based on Norwegian traditions with international influences.

“The hotel is a popular base for visitors who come here for pure leisure and business alike,” says Teige.

Activity haven

The fjord region is widely known as an activity haven, offering kayaking, fishing, hiking, climbing, running and skiing.

Ørsta is located in the north west in an area often referred to as the adventure capital of Norway.

“The high peaks make the area perfect for hardcore hikers and climbers during the summer, A big piece of Norway

while eager skiers set in during the winter season.

Nothing beats the view that greets you when you reach the peak and overlook the many surrounding fjords,” says Teige.

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