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We’re Going To Be Friends

In We’re Going To Be Friends, Elinor Blake’s illustrations bring the
White Stripes’ paean to the purity and adventure of childhood

friendship alive and the result manages to be heartfelt,Friends

sincere, kid-friendly and cool, and probably the only children’s book to feature a portrait of Chicago blues legend Son House.

Third Man Books, Jack White’s publishing house, is as detail- and quality-obsessed as his record label and vinyl

pressing plant and the book looks just how the song sounds. A ideal gift for fans of hardcore Detroit fuzz blues and the under sevens.

The versatility of the set continues, shifting from Balearic beat in ‘All Melody’ to the balletic ‘My Friend the Forest’.

A lavish light display fades to a single spotlight for a haunting rendition of ‘Forever Changeless’,

Frahm’s shadow twisting around him while – to use Frank O’Hara’s line – everyone, and I, stop breathing.

A brief encore includes percussive toilet brushes drumming against
the table-top of the grand piano, before ending on ‘More’,

the most unsullied piano work of the evening. The standing ovation that followed could have lasted hours.

The Berlin-based composer has long been a pioneer in the realm of
soaring, contemporary, classical, glitchy, experimental, electronica.

His seventh studio album, ‘All Melody’, was released last month on Erased Tapes to critical acclaim. It’s his most ambitious and inquisitive collection to date, and

‘The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched’ is a brief, ethereal welcome to the evening with choral samples, before the weaving ‘Sunson’ demands complete attention.

The stage is set in two halves.
To the left, a felt-prepared piano is the centrepiece of a homely-looking picture; to the right, a grand piano stretches out beside a god-knows-what line-up of harmoniums and analogue synthesisers.

It’s chaos at best, a key-enthusiast’s fantasy,

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