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Think outside the box—and beyond demographics— when considering amenities and design concepts.

Predicting the casino resort customer of the future has sparked an interesting debate.

Many think millennials will be the downfall of the traditional casino floor. Others think way too much time is spent trying to decipher that demographic, which has a low propensity to gamble. Some argue the industry should continue to focus on the bread-and-butter gaming customer—baby boomers—who will continue to be viable for several decades. And then there’s the next emerging gaming-centric generation that, curiously, doesn’t get a lot of attention—Gen X, which is currently the 30-50-year-old segment.

TimelessDesign The optimum future target demographic exists somewhere in the middle, and there are several interesting emerging trends that support this.

Instead of catering to one generation or the other, the gaming and design industry should focus more holistically, which is best accomplished by broadening and elevating the total guest experience for all demographics. All too often, resort offerings are compartmentalized, designed to appeal to a very narrow guest profile.

When properties fail to perform to expectations, the marketing department is usually the first to be scrutinized for not promoting these offerings properly, or the design team is criticized for not incorporating emerging trends.

But when resort offerings and experiences encompass a broader spectrum, they yield a wider audience.

The best opportunities for future success happen when engaging experiences develop meaningful connections between a property, its brand, and all guests, regardless of the generation.

How can this be accomplished? An interesting example is by gaining a better insight of each generation’s psychographics, then finding commonalities that merge them. Psychographics is the definition or identification of personality traits, attitudes, interests and lifestyles.

TimelessDesign Big Data has the potential to revolutionize this kind of study, but data analytics have to be trans lated into ideas and concepts that are useable. Health and wellness is one convergence.

For instance, millennials as a group aspire to clean eating and active lifestyles. As a demographic, they practice good health and exercise. They seek great outdoor experiences and desire direct connections to the outdoors within indoor environments; they don’t like to be boxed in.

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