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The Vikings occupying the Swedish History Museum

The Swedish History Museum is packed with history from as far back into prehistory as we can go.

Their flagship and the most talked about exhibition is Vikings.

This exciting and rich display is sure to stun and amaze visitors with thorough research, The Vikings occupying

interpreted original material and knowledgeable staff.

Encounter the most amazing artefacts and lose yourself in stories about the past and the people who walked the earth long before we did.

The myth of the Viking is one of the largest relating to Scandinavia, and as a symbol for the people of the North it is unprecedented.

But what do we really know about them?

“What we know to be facts about the Vikings and what we show in our exhibition

differs quite substantially from people’s general perception of our ancestors,”

says Sophie Nyman, Department Manager at the Swedish History Museum.

The Vikings, as the greater masses may picture them, were large people dressed in furry clothing,

always clutching a pint of mead in one hand, sword in the other and bearing a horned helmet on top of their plaited hair.

“In fact, Vikings weren’t out sailing, fighting and plundering most of the time,” Nyman says.

“Much of their lives was dedicated to handling their houses, taking care of their families, trading, The Vikings occupying

dealing and trying to live a God-fearing life to the best of their capabilities.

Of course the exploration trips happened frequently, but they were far from constant,

and even though plundering and raging has been a part of the bloody history of the Vikings the travels were actually

made for trading and exploration purposes.

A lot of the findings made from this era originate from all over the world but have ended up in Sweden thanks to these exploration trips.”

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