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The Twilight Sad

Goodness, this is Scottish! James Graham’s accent is so intensely
Caledonian it can’t help but be a main, and sometimes overwhelming, feature of his band’s second LP.

The vocal consistently spins itself out over an equally constant backdrop of the band’s widescreen indie meets MBVesque guitar rumble.

The problem is that this palette never really changes.

After nicely paced opener ‘Reflection of the Television’, the thing trudges on and on, the tracks following

instrumental dreamscape ‘Scissors’ feeling like a second album from a worse band. Sad

And, seeing as we’re on a slating tip, the mood and lyrics are so emotionally
charged that after ten minutes only the psychologically

damaged bedroom hermits will be singing and crying along.

So, while 12-16 year olds still exist, don’t be surprised if The Twilight Sad stick around.

We started writing the songs in the breaks between tours and then we took two months in New Orleans,

got into the studio and played like we play a show. No overdubs, just played like the live show.

BUT, if you play so free and so loose like a live show, when you listen to it on your stereo it sounds too sloppy.

We call it the golden line, between this and this.

I hope that we’ve done it this time.”

And if people think you haven’t? If Monotonix are still considered a live band over a studio band?

“We’re doing our best in live shows, we’re doing our best in the studio, and I think it’s tied together.

If people buy our record because of the live show, fine.

If they come and see a show because they like our record, that’s fine too.

I don’t mind if people only want to come and see us and drink and dance or

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