Teengirl Fantasy

Don’t be fooled by the name, or the air of postmodern prankster
that surrounds them

Teengirl Fantasy are not the art-school button-bashers they might like to suggest.

Indeed, ‘7AM’ sounds less like a teen girl fantasy and more like a big-budget night of hedonism in a luxurious Balearic club, all velvety throb and sparkling hi-hats.

Sure, there’s faux glamour and paper-thin soul, but the event is executed so as to render the con either irrelevant or undetectable.

Mainly recalling the late-night dub-house side of early 90s rave as the tracks slip by, the impression is that the record’s

title refers to the end of the night rather than the start of the morning ‘7AM’ is gorgeously consistent,

evocative and woozy, and surprisingly European and vintage-sounding for a pair of US college students called Nick and Logan.

This is a lovely debut.

“Well, obviously it’s a lot more instant than back in the day where you’d make twenty demos then send them off,” notes Hari.

“With it being right there I find I have to restrict myself.”

And it’s good for the odd Google ego trip, I presume? “Every week,” he chuckles, “Every hour,” chips in Noam.

Self-deprecation is a common theme to our chat, and all three characters are astute to the realms of absurdity that interviews provide.

“At the start I read everything and it was exciting,” says Hari “and
then you read odd things.

For instance there was a picture of me in an Anthrax t-shirt and someone wrote on Twitter that I looked pretentious in it.

I thought let’s just stop reading this.”

Hari shrugs it off with a smile, his acceptance born out of familiarity.

The band is maturing under their new moniker, though.

This time last year Hari was building layers and lyrics from his home,
pushing his wares through the web and producing sample-led,

languid beauties that borrowed heavily from Fleetwood Mac and Bowies ‘Hunky Dory’.

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