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Teaching and Learning

Exciting times are upon us at LJS and, as one of our core

purposes as a School, teaching and learning is of no exception in this regard.

The teaching team have been working incredibly hard to better understand where we can offer more opportunity to our children throughout the curriculum,

 ensuring that every child leaves LJS not just with the relevant skills needed to thrive in senior school,

 but a confidence in their strengths and a resilience to overcome aspects of the learning process that they find challenging.

Our core subjects have been constantly reviewed to identify areas for development as we strive always to improve what

we do and further embed a love of learning in every child at Laxton Junior School.

English has seen a robust layering of skills, such as grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, which has operated alongside the wonderful creativity of lesson design,

by teaching staff, resulting in incredible scripts, stories, films, plays, performance, poetry and speeches.

Maths teaching has also supported quality learning through our team-teaching approach in Key Stage 2 lessons, as part of the removal of ability setting this year.

Curriculum delivery has been brilliantly tailored to individual needs, and progress across the School has been phenomenal.

Furthermore, children have been given the opportunity to apply their learning in many different contexts, situations and environments,

all of which supported their understanding of how Maths provides an integral means of interacting with the world around them.

The concept of ‘Mastery’ has been at the forefront of how we approach teaching and learning this year, and is helping to drive our curriculum forward.

Children feel comfortable when independently approaching a task, consistently and confidently applying knowledge and skills,

and being able to explain their thinking and teach others (a fantastic indication of deep learning).

 Our teachers have high expectations of every child, believing that they all can achieve and, consequently, our children – as they always do – have risen to the challenge, driving forwards their own learning.

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