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Slow recovery expected for United States casino

When the United States government declares the country reopened for business, casino gamine owners and operators will have to decide whether it’s safe enough and financially feasible to allow guests back inside their properties.

Dueling philosophies will inevitably emerge.

On one side there’ll be those who want to win back lost profits as soon as possible.

Others will take a wait-and-see approach.

Whichever path these operators choose, they’ll encounter plenty of pain along the way.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to handling COVID-19, which has struck American cities disproportionately to more rural areas. While heavy metros like New York, Detroit and New Orleans have suffered enormous sickness and fatalities, other regions like the Midwest and Southwest have been relatively spared from the virus.

It’s likely that we’ll see casinos open sooner in states with fewer a small number compared to the approximately 200,000 cases in New York and 70,000 in New Jersey over the same period. Las Vegas and Atlantic City could be on far different time tables for opening non-essential businesses.

United States casino in Las Vegas

Even if United States casino in Las Vegas reopen sometime in May, they’ll struggle to bring in out-of-state or international customers. Though some companies have begun to reschedule conventions for later in the year, Las Vegas is sure to lose out on millions of work-related trips in the coming months.

Sin City must bear for a significant loss of American and Chinese tourism dollars as well.

As the American economy enters a recession with record unemployment numbers and a capricious stock market, fewer people will be able to afford to take trips. In late January, the United States government barred entry to foreign travellers from mainland Chinese, effectively shutting off Las Vegas from vital clientele.

Casinos will hurt for as long as Chinese tourists are denied entry into the country.

Macau, which recently instituted its own orders prohibiting some Chinese mainland visitors, offers a grim forecast for what United States casino in Las Vegas can expect once they do reopen.

The Public Security Police of Macau reported that less than 1,000 people visited the city over a three-day Easter weekend.

Macau brought in 250,000 visitors in March, down 92% year-on-year and April figures are sure to be worse.

United States casino in Las Vegas that choose to open as early as possible face the risk of spreading COVID-19 among customers and causing another spike, which could lead to more shutdowns. Though there won’t be a linear road to recover for La Vegas or anywhere else, some situations are more dire than others.

Casino and Economy in US

Tribal casinos will face heightened pressure to reopen and provide much needed revenues to their communities.

A report from Meister Economic Consulting states that casino closures cost tribes $4.4bn in economic activity.

An empty gaming revenue stream could among poorer tribes.

The safety of casino workers and guests should be paramount as operators and owners strategise when to reopen, but the economic repercussions of keeping casinos closed cannot be understated.

A staggering $74bn in total annual wages is at risk due to casino closures according to the American Gaming Association.

The welfare of those employees is paramount, especially the ones who live paycheck to paycheck.

Casinos are stations of risk and reward.

Now it’s the turn of casino executives to place their own bets, not on a hand of blackjack or a roll of dice or Pocker, but on the health of their employees and guests.

Sound judgment and decision making are essential in the coming months as casinos and the entire gaming industry respond to an unprecedented crisis.

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