Slime Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton

Slime – or Will Archer – has built a niche following for his intimate brand
of woozy electronic recordings, for hot nights and sensuality.

It’s hard to peg a certain genre for this music to fall into (and gently fall it does), but there are elements of RnB, jazz,

found sounds and more esoteric strands of electronica, as Archer dares you to guess exactly what is it making that hum or clipped beat.

Rather than use this rare show to showcase his recently released debut album, ‘Company’, in its entirety,

Slime Courtyard Theatre he uses a few of the tracks as a centerpiece while embellishing the rest of the show with freshly composed material,

as well as a couple of cuts from his earlier EPs. Tonight there are a few moments that lack the requisite clarity to penetrate,

but the moments of real cohesion, where the band brings these rich and soulful arrangements to life, feel pretty profound.

“I kept thinking about painters and artists who make this amazing imagery
and I’m like ‘How did you do that?!

How is that in your head and you’ve put it on a canvas?’ It blows my mind
what people can take out of their head and put into the physical world.

I wanted to do the same; get it out of my head and into, um, people’s ears,” she laughs.

After such an inward-looking process and level of introspection that comes with revisiting your place in the world,

Slime Courtyard Theatre it’s little surprise that spirituality plays a prominent part in Angel Deradoorian’s life.

It’s a theme reflected in the album’s variety of styles, and the familiar depth and breadth of Angel’s vocal as it slides and soars through the scales with beautiful clarity.

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