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Sincerely, Robert Wells

To the people of Sweden as well as thousands of fans across the globe, he is a charming composer,

performer and piano virtuoso with a whiff of ‘90s fashion about him.

Scan Magazine spoke to Robert Wells, the man behind the Rhapsody in Rock concert tour,

Sincerely and found a keen educator and unlikely diplomat behind the boogiewoogie façade.

“It would do many politicians a great deal of good to go on a tour bus and learn to cooperate, Sincerely

listen to each other, to reconcile and communicate,” says Robert Wells, the Swedish pianist and composer with the trademark dark-brown,

shoulder-length mop of hair and cheeky smile.

He is not a bad spokesperson at all, it seems, for the mentality so deeply cherished by so many Swedes, highly principled yet pragmatic.

Hard work and sincerity

Wells was only 21 when he started as bandleader with iconic Swedish singer Barbro ‘Lill-Babs’ Svensson for her show at Stockholm’s Hamburger Börs,

having insisted that he wanted a solo every night.

“I’d graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm the previous year and worked as a session musician for four years by then,

so she gave me a huge chance,” he says.

“LillBabs is one of those people you just learn immensely from.

It’s the kind of stuff they don’t teach you in school: how to behave, to really care about the people you work with,

that you shouldn’t just pose but that being a musician is about so much more.”

Today, he says, he only works with people who will pick up the phone themselves to speak to him; he will not deal with agents.

“You have to be yourself and not hide behind some tough attitude or put on a mask.

Sincerity is everything – you have to be with others the way you want them to be with you.”

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