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Share your food and a good experience

A meal should be an enjoyable and social event,

which is why Huset Blom in Sønderborg only serves food that can be shared.

‘Sharing is caring’ goes the old saying, and at Huset Blom they take that very literally.

You will not find a buffet or any of what they call ‘selfish plates’; instead, all the food served is food that can be shared.

“We got the idea for the concept from Spanish tapas bars, where everything is served on small plates and in small bowls.

It allows you to enjoy your food in a more relaxed way and the food becomes the centre of the table.

You talk about the food and how it tastes and it’s a more relaxing and cosy way to eat and be together,”

explains Pia Bartholin, who owns the restaurant together with her husband.

Huset Blom was originally built in 1924 as a family residence and,

Share your food until Bartholin and her husband Klaus turned it into a restaurant in 2014, only the Blom family had lived in the house.

“It’s a completely unique house centrally located in Sønderborg and all the interior is original,” says Bartholin.

“There is also a garden and a terrace, where you can enjoy a glass of champagne when the weather allows it.”

A different, professional experience

The restaurant has its roots in the local community,

which is why the majority of the ingredients come from local suppliers.

This past Easter, Huset Blom decided to host a market together with its local suppliers,

which turned out to be such a success that they have already started planning a Christmas market.

“We enjoy using quality ingredients from the local community as it gives it all an extra touch. Share your food

We aim to run a place that’s above the average café kind of place, so all the chefs and waiters here are professionals.

We also have an excellent wine cellar with a range of quality wines.

When you come here we want to give you an extraordinary experience – but at an affordable price and without being too snobby,” Bartholin smiles.

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