sex beet

This is Sex Beet, a boisterously lo-fi garage trio from Leicester, responsible for songs with titles such as

‘I’m In Love With You (So Shut The Fuck Up!)’ and ‘Nice Hair/Nice Titties’.

Have a guess at how seriously they take themselves, though the laid back, give-afuck vibe permeating the room may have just as much to do with.

what used to be in that circulating bottle as it does with their twenty-something prepunk ethics.

Now spread across a large sofa in varying stages of semisupine attitude,

Sex Beet came into being ten months ago when Tom (guitar) and Luke (drums) recruited Will (organ).

“We started it as a sort of jokey thing,” explains Luke.

“Me and Tom had been playing in The Lusts but we decided to start Sex Beet and make it a really noisy band then, uh… I dunno what.”

What we’re really after though, is ‘11th Dimension’, which sounds like it could slip into New Order’s ‘Regret’ at any moment.

Because when JC isn’t playing cowboy he’s picking up from where ‘First Impressions of Earth’ left off, toying with synthesizers and winding melodies.

This is what he should have been concentrating on, and is no doubt how the urgent processed drums of ‘River of Breaklights’ were conceived,

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