The recovery of the Theta Zeta Chapter from the low days of the early 1970s was not an overnight affair.

 It took time. During this process, there must have been days when the Betas wondered if their chapter was doomed to go the way of so many others.

Several fraternity chapters in Toronto had closed already, and there were numerous Beta chapters in other colleges on the ropes.

There were certainly times when it seemed impossible to stir up any enthusiasm for the fraternal idea.

Yet, even at the lowest ebb, there were always at least a few brothers to be found in the ranks of the chapter who were Beta through and through.

These were the men who understood the true value of Beta, Theta and Pi, and were unwilling to let them die out of the Toronto chapter.

There were also, as already noted, a handful of loyal alumni who stood by the chapter no matter how black things became.

These men deserve the credit for keeping Beta Theta Pi alive in Toronto. For many of the men initiated in the early 1970s,

the major benefit offered to them by the Fraternity was cheap room and board while at school. There were some who could never see any further than that.

Equally, though, there were more receptive minds in which the Beta Spirit began to work its mysterious alchemy.

These were the men who began the process of reconstructing the distinctive “je ne sais quoi,” the certain something which had traditionally distinguished fraternities from rooming houses, and Beta Theta Pi from other fraternities.

One man who entered the chapter at this time remembers being chiefly impressed by the orderly and businesslike approach to weekly meetings.

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