Rainbow Arabia

“We spent some time in Brazil this January, so it was alright for us,” says Danny Preston, the hat-less MJ of Rainbow Arabia.

It was Rio’s summer, 90 degrees under a damp cloth and a carnival city ready-oiled to welcome this duo’s Rainbow Arabia “Ethnotronica,” as they call it.

They played some shows that, considering Rainbow Arabia’s ability to make a corpse dance, were, rather predictably, “super awesome.”

And then, before jetting home, they filmed a video for new single ‘Holiday In Congo’, dressed as two Michael Jacksons

[that’s what that picture’s about] in a goofy pastiche of the great one’s goofier ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us’ video.

But it’s not as if Danny and Tiffany Preston needed Rio to thaw their New Year blues. They live in LA, for one thing hardly a dilapidated seaside town of grey dampness.

And then there’s that music they make a mixture of various Afrobeat subgenres, tribal house, raggaeton beats and gentler MIA vocals,

influenced by African and Middle Eastern culture, and played on microtonal instruments bought from Lebanon.

It’s music that’s gleefully celebratory of everything non-Western and
cynical, and is more

than capable of transporting any listener to a land as vibrant as Brazil without you leaving your hovel of self-pity.

“From our music, we just want to get people to feel something, and dance, and have fun,” says Tiffany in a Californian accent as sprightly as her husband’s.

“But to me I like changing up the mood. We’re mixing in a couple of darker songs into our set,” she warns

“and I think it’s interesting to see how people will dance and move and interact with it.”

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