Race Horse

Once buoyed by manically upbeat pop melodies, bright punchy ditties and a seemingly fearless recklessness, the world seems to have slowed Racehorses down a little.

There’s still the infectious Supergrass-meets-SFA vitality, but determined to channel their energy and deal with some deeper change,

‘Furniture’ is a much more cohesive body of work. Here, tracks like ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Mates’ strike a pop perfect balance,

‘My Year Abroad’ delivers a bracing, bass-laden shot to the arm, and
‘See No Green’ is the short, shouty, shanty ballad the Futureheads
should cover next.

But where ‘Goodbye Falkenberg’ was a melodic oddbin of energy that needed no detonation, Racehorses’

debut directness feels like it’s been reined in.

This time there’s the purpose and definition of a beginning and end that’s helped make Race Horse ‘Furniture’ a very fine album indeed.

I’d get little doses of the real world, the music would come in and out, Thom Yorke’s voice and the strings of ‘Pyramid Song’ Race Horse would come through brilliantly and heavily reverberated.

The familiar sounds helped me come back to this plane.” An unforgettable experience by the sounds of it.

Is it something Steven has shared with Yorke? “Hahaha… I remember specifically writing him an email about it and asking him what it really
meant to him but I never got an email back.

I always forget to ask him things like that when we’re in the same room together, I always forget to geek out and ask him nerdy questions and then whenever he leaves I’m always like, ‘ah shit, I should have asked him about this.

Fuck!’ But it’s cool, man. There needs to be some magic left in the world.”

Although an experimenter of drugs, it’s something Steven cannot ingrain into the working process.

“Hell no,” he shakes. “I take that stuff as a means of inspiration in terms of asking questions,

being able to ask questions and then more questions… I like to listen to my music on weed but not when

making it and that’s pretty much as far as that goes, even drinking and making music doesn’t really work for me that well.”

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