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There are a lot of POKER TOUR GAME tables in casino, and 95% of the games in the poker rooms are Texas Hold ‘Em.

It’s not just casino, it’s a national thing, and that’s why there are several Blackjack-style games that mimic Texas Hold ‘Em.

Admit it; you’ve done it yourself. “Ah,” you say, “Texas Hold’Em, I can play that!” But be careful.

World Poker Tour Heads Up Hold ‘Em is a variation by Galaxy Gaming that is now in Arizona.

However, since the POKER TOUR GAME is dissimilar to traditional Texas Hold ‘Em found in the poker room in several ways, instead of comparing them, let’s just start from scratch.

You’ve got your chips; it’s a regular 52-card deck, and the table is likely a $5 minimum.

To play, you must make a bet on Ante and an equal bet on Odds.

There are three other places to wager, so come with the cash, and know the rules first!

As with any Texas Hold ‘Em game, you’ll get two cards face down. So will the dealer.

After looking at your cards, you can wager 3x your Ante bet in the Play spot a good idea if you start with at least one Ace, or a King with a 7 or higher or check and wait for the flop.

When all players have acted, the dealer will turn over three community cards.

If you already wagered 3x, you are done. If you checked, you can wager 2x your Ante bet, or check again.

Next, the dealer will expose the final two community cards.

If you don’t have a Play bet, you may bet lx your Ante wager or fold, losing your Ante and Odds bets.


When all players are finished, the dealer will turn over their 2-card hand and make their best 5-card hand from these and the five community cards.

  • If they can’t make at least a pair, they fold and pay the Play bet even money while the Ante is a push.
  • If the dealer does not fold and beats the player, both the Play and Ante wagers are lost.
  • If the player’s hand is higher, both the Play and Ante are paid even money.

The Odds wager is paid when the player’s hand is at least a straight, according to the pay tables, even if the player’s hand loses to the dealer’s hand!

Suppose the player wins the hand with a flush, the Odds will pay 1.5 to 1.

However, if the player loses with their flush, they are paid 8 to 1 on the Odds wager.

If the player wins the hand with less than a straight, they get a push.

If they lose the hand with less than a straight, the Odds bet is lost too.

The Trips Plus and Pocket Bonus are side bets, paid only if the player makes at least trips or a pair – see the pay tables.

The house edge on these side wagers is a bit higher than the house edge on the Ante wager – slightly under 2.4%.

If you decide to give World Poker Tour Heads Up Hold ‘Em a try at your favorite casino, let us know how it goes!

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