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Peri-mining communities

Mametja said that in the six peri-mining districts,

there are an estimated 600 000 people. TB screening is done from 12 mobile units in the areas.

 “In addition, the Department of Health supports the Department of Mineral Resources and other statutory agencies to monitor compliance to applicable laws and regulations in the mining industry.

“This includes the requirement for regular screening for TB and HIV and provision of access to treatment for about 400 000 miners in the country.”

He also said up until December 2015, his team had provided screening to over 400 000 people in peri-mining districts, which exceeded the target of 360 000 people.

“The target was exceeded, indicating the need for a continuation of TB screening services in the peri-mining communities.”

He added that the programme received support from local communities and political leadership.

Mametja said that from the results of the screening, about 370 people were diagnosed with TB

and 341 of them were put on TB treatment in peri-mining areas.

“This shows that excellent linkage to care strategies resulted in 92.1 per cent of those diagnosed with TB starting on TB treatment.”

Correctional centres Mametja said his department was instructed

to provide regular access to TB and HIV screening to about 150 000 inmates in 242 correctional centres.

“TB and HIV awareness was enhanced in correctional centres.

TB screening was done with the use of X-ray and TB testing machine the Gene Xpert.

“The correctional centres have also been given additional TB data-management capacity-building and infection control systems.”

He added that people who were in charge of running correctional centres were also being provided with training on the management of TB and any associated risks.

The department set a target of testing over 170 000 inmates, but managed to test over 160 000 inmates.

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