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Painting of Victoria

As the British settled in Hong Kong, they brought with them elements from the West.

Happy Valley Racecourse was opened in 1846, one cricket ground was established in 1880 and trams were introduced in the 1900s.

The British also imposed a system of racial segregation.

Hollywood Road served as a divider to show where the Chinese and European zones were.

Some Europeans lived in areas such as Victoria Peak and Cheung.

Chau with luxury apartments and better services like healthcare away from the Chinese villages.

The official reason for this was to protect the health of the European and American inhabitants from disease and overcrowding,

Though the partition could be considered as part of a global trend also seen through the introduction of Apartheid in South Africa in 1948.

Discontent towards the colonisers was evident.

This was not a bloodless occupation.

Between 14th and 19th April 1899, a Six-Day War was fought as a result of Chinese villagers resisting the colonial presence.

The British suppressed the rebellion and there were 500 or more Chinese deaths, but no British soldiers died.

The event was covered up as the government did not want the military campaign to ruin the appearance of a peaceful administration of the New Territories.

In 1912, there was the attempted assassination of the Governor of Hong Kong,

Sir Henry May, and the social discontent against poor pay in the 1960s resulted in anticolonial riots in 1967.

However, Hong Kong has been a refuge for some.

In 1937, thousands of mainland Chinese fled to the region to escape the fighting in the Sino-Japanese War.

Hong Kong also suffered during the Second World War which Japan occupied in 1941 leading to food shortages and many fleeing to mainland China.

In 1946, civil government returned which led to the end of racial segregation in light of the war.

Hong Kong once again became a refuge to those fleeing from the Chinese Civil War between the Nationalists and the Communists.

Today Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest ports and a key financial hub for trade.

Its economy restarted after the war with light industries like textiles though this depended on cheap labour and poor working conditions.

By the ’70s, it had a prosperous economy based on high-technology industries

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