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Oura Health’s wellness ring

Oulu-based health technology company Oura is the creator of the world’s first wellness ring and app.

The ring is used by consumers, doctors, coaches, personal trainers,

top universities, research organisations, and sleep clinics in over 50 countries.

By means of its accompanying app, the ring displays how the body responds to each individual’s lifestyle by analysing sleep,

Oura Health’s wellness ring activity levels,

daily rhythms and the physiological responses from the body.

There are appropriate sizes for users, ranging from eight to 80 years old.

Oura Health is the first ever consumer wearable that is capable of measuring sleep quality.

It uses the consumer’s resting heart rate to measure the level of fitness.

Not only does the ring estimate how restorative the individual’s sleep is, Oura Health’s wellness ring

but it also monitors overall recovery from daily mental and physical strain.

Having launched its very first product in 2015, Oura has now brought out its brand new ring, released on 30 November 2017.

The ring sits snugly on the finger and is in close contact with the skin.

This provides ECG level pulse and temperature data,

which is measured as accurately as with the use of a thermometer.

Oura’s communications manager and co-founder,

Virpi Tuomivaara, says: “Collaboration with other companies and stakeholders in the OuluHealth ecosystem has been a vital part of our success.

Start-up companies are stronger when working together, and OuluHealth has enabled such collaboration.”

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