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Opening the world’s eyes to the cosy charm of Nordic furniture

When Onecollection A/S started reproducing the furniture of Finn Juhl, one of the leading creators of modern Danish design,

no one believed it would sell. But, today, Juhl’s elegant, organic shapes are again among the most coveted of Danish designs.

Onecollection is also behind a string of impressive bestsellers as well as equally impressive non-sellers by contemporary Danish designers.

But the company’s owners continue to trust their intuition as to what is valuable furniture design.

So far, their ardour has resulted in a game-changing adventure within Danish design.

When you talk to the owners, founders and managers of Onecollection, Opening

Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen, they use the Danish word ‘hyggelig’ a lot.

They talk not only about hyggeligt (cozy) furniture but also hyggelige (good) times and hyggelige (pleasant) architects.

The owners’ fondness for the word reveals a lot about what is at the core of their business philosophy;

it is not just about the design or its saleability – it is about the story and the people behind, and it is about going with your gut feeling.

“We base a lot on our intuition, and that’s both our strength and our weakness.

We get completely carried away with things, sometimes the wrong things because, of course, Opening

we need to be able to sell the items too: it all needs to add up.

Still we produce some items that we really love but don’t sell enough of to make them profitable; we keep them and hope that, at some point,

people will open their eyes to their qualities,” explains Ivan Hansen.

Together with Henrik Sørensen he founded Onecollection, then named Hansen & Sørensen ApS,

in Sørensen’s mother’s laundry room in Odense, in 1990.

Through their contacts from more than a decade within the furniture trade,

they soon built up a furniture collection designed by contemporary Danish furniture designers.

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