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An improvement in the quality of the services offered

by the public service in the Northern Cape would be a dream come true for Premier Dr Zamani Saul.

The recently elected premier wants public servants to take pride in their work.

With September being Public Service Month,

Dr Saul called on public servants to do their jobs with diligence, effi ciency, thoroughness and in a way that brings dignity to people.

He said state employees must arrive at work punctually and not leave early, adding that

the Northern Cape’s residents have pinned their hopes on the provincial government being a catalyst for change.

“People are expecting us to do whatever is necessary to try and add value to their quality of life,” he said.

To achieve this goal, Dr Saul has set about putting the province’s people at the centre of his government’s programmes.

Frills cut Dr Saul said the Northern Cape has the capacity to change its high unemployment and poverty rate but to do so,

politicians must forego the trappings of power which cause a social distance between the people of the province and those they voted into power.

Consequently, he announced a raft of changes

that show he is serious about establishing a capable state machinery in the Northern Cape.

Since taking over the reins in May, Dr Saul stopped the purchase of new vehicles for

MECs and instead chose to buy ambulances for the province’s public hospitals.

He barred the use of blue lights by members of his cabinet and halted the hanging of photographs of himself and his colleagues on the walls of government buildings.

In addition, he put the premier’s official residence up for sale to raise money for educating the province’s youth.

He said the moves would hopefully close the trust deficit

that has formed between the people, the public service and their political representatives.

In another first and in an effort to identify the challenges residents face,

Dr Saul set up a desk in the reception area of the province’s only tertiary hospital, the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital.

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