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Modern skin treatments with quick recovery

Julia Gedike, founder of aesthetic skin clinic Beautifill Aesthetics, offers the best of today’s modern

skin treatments and has quickly become a trusted expert,

providing her customers with a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan concentrating Modern skin

on a holistic approach to getting the best possible results.

Julia Gedike is a fully qualified nurse with extensive experience in medical beauty treatments.

“Our concept is based on individual skincare plans, aiming for holistic results using safe,

mostly non-invasive treatments and methods,” she explains.

“First, I studied different injection therapies and techniques, but soon I discovered that my clients wanted, and deserved,

more – that’s how I started to study more holistic approaches and methods.”

This means more than just fixing external issues; our overall health affects the skin,

too, and has to be taken into consideration in a more comprehensive way.

“To understand the current situation, we recommend the Beautifill laboratory test set, carried out by our partner laboratory,” says Gedike.

“These tests give us accurate information and help us in finding the right methods to heal the body first,

inside out – and then complement the process with external skin treatments.”

Gedike has brought new skincare methods to Finland.

“All our treatments are efficient and safe and are carefully selected for each customer individually.

Our atraumatic treatments do not require a long healing period, and hence have a very low risk of side effects,” she continues.

“A course of the right skin treatments always gives the best results.”

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