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Mary Emma Griffith Marshall

In 1916, Mary Emma Griffith (later Marshall) made a commitment to National President Alta Allen Loud.

“I have decided that, if the fraternity wants me and if you and the other members of the Council feel that I am fitted for the work,

I shall be glad to accept the position of secretary-editor.”

They did, indeed, find her “fitted’ for this work. “I feel very much honored in the confidence which you have placed in me, dear Mrs.

Loud, and I want to be worthy of it in every way,” was Mary Emma’s response to the call.

Her perception of the role of paid secretary-editor was this: I want if possible to relieve all officers of the routine work which they are now doing and leave it to them the things out of which they will derive pleasure.

It seems to me as if the paid officers ought to do that… As I understand it, I would do the work of the editor,

the business manager of The Lyre, the National Secretary and I should think it would be best to take over the work of the secretary of the alumnae organization.

Her many talents and special traits were described in 1922 in The Lyre:

It seems that no item or detail escapes her and that each is converted into usefulness. One has only to review her training and service to realize that she was fully prepared for her work.

As Official Examiner, National Secretary, and National Secretary-Editor for ten years,

she has been thoroughly, and almost ideally, trained to care for the details of fraternity administration.

She has innate prerequisites for this office—accuracy, precision, promptness, and efficiency.

If we combine with these here characteristics of understanding, justice, and magnanimous spirit, we have not only an unusual person but an exceptional officer.

Our pride in The Lyre and the praise which is accorded to it in fraternity and non-fraternity circles is a most significant tribute to her literary, executive, and business ability.

‘Tis a real art and gift to produce proficiently a large amount of work in a short time—and this is one of the talents which make for her success as Editor.

Mary Emma also wrote a special ceremony in 1920 to be used when installing new chapters.

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