Martin Creed is first an artist, second a musician and I’ve always preferred it that way round.

Better still if you can have a bit of a laugh with it, which Martin Creed the
artist has always been about.

Songs like ‘ABC’, which is a run through the alphabet to a post punk backing and ‘1-100’ which is a run through the numbers to a post punk backing, ‘101-200’ which is the encore to ‘1–100’ and ‘1234’

which, well, actually, I did get a bit bored at that point and I’m sure I
wasn’t the only one.

It’s a shame, because in between the fun Martin is capable of moments that are truly touching and ‘You’re The One For Me’,

a song that manages to match his playful lyrics and arrangements with genuine heart,

got an early airing and received a rapturous reception.

However, the other moments on his album that walk this line, like ‘Love to You’, are inexplicably kept in the locker

leaving us with songs like the Fugs-lite ‘Nothing Nothing’ and ‘Words’, neither of which are fun,

funny, good or interesting.

If Martin Creed’s doing this for a laugh then it’s a decent night out in a grimey boozer round the back end of Dalston.

If he wants to take it further he’ll need to find more moments that marry the fun and playfulness with genuine emotion.

“I think what we had learned from touring was to have fun, we needed new songs to chew on,” Lou continues.

“It makes me think my relationship with J and the band goes deep,

probably deeper than I could even acknowledge.

It was nice to think J and I still shared the same creative ambition and if he was getting restless playing the old songs, and I was getting restless playing
the old songs, we both wanted to create new music.

And that’s great because there’s so many bands who are afraid to do that and are like,

‘I can’t be in the same studio as him again’, and they never make that leap.

When J showed the courage to do that and to leap forward, I just really admired that. It really solidified my loyalty to the band.

J and I both in our lives outside Dinosaur Jr., we both continue to make new music and that’s a vital part of our lives,

regardless of whether people are going to like it or not, or if we’re going to satisfy the whims of popular culture.

We just did what we needed to do to keep it interesting for ourselves.”

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