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Maritime Heritage Conference

15-19 September 2010, Baltimore, Maryland

Sometimes referred to as the gathering of the maritime clans,

Maritime Heritage Conferences serve as an outstanding forum for individuals and institutions to share their passion for our seagoing heritage.

Clearly this will be the case with the 9th Maritime Heritage Conference, to be held this year in Baltimore,

from the 15th through the 19th of September.

The organizers of this conference have worked overtime to set up immersion experiences that will.

facilitate discussions about how we all can succeed in our respective missions to bring to life our fascinating maritime past for the general public.

With a kickoff underway reception slated for the SS john W Brown,

attendees can imagine heading out from port to join a World War II transAdanticconvoywith a constant fear of the U-boat peril.

The next evening, attendees will be transported back a century as they walk the decks of the sloop-of-war USS Constellation,

her appearance today reminiscent of the time she served on anti-slavery patrols off Africa.

 This gala reception is sponsored by Historic Ships in Baltimore and the National Maritime Historical Society.

On Friday, attendees will visit the maritime archival resources and museum exhibits in the nation’s capital.

That evening, the Maryland Historical Society and Johns Hopkins University Press will host a reception to launch their latest title, Maritime M aryland:

A History by Dr.

W illiam S.


On Saturday, there will be a tour of a one-of-a-kind nuclear-powered cargo ship,

NS Savannah, and on Sunday tours are planned for Fort McHenry (as partofanArmystaffride) and the remodeled US Naval Academy Museum in Annapolis.

But the real stars of the conference will be the attendees themselves, many of whom will be arriving with presentations in hand.

The conference anticipates attendees from a majority of the fifty states and Canada, and from oversees locations such as England,

France, Norway, SouthAfrica, China, Japan, and Australia.

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