Male Bonding

There are balloons tied to every speaker and doorway with smudgy chocolate cake sloping over by the entrance.

If that doesn’t scream celebration, then Male Bonding jumping on stage raring to showcase their debut album, ‘Nothing Hurts’, certainly does.

Dressed in their best, which in this case means denim shirt (Robin Christian, drums), tank-tee with woolly hat (John Webb, vox/guitar) and a scruffy blonde bob

(Kevin Hendrick, vox/bass), they run through the entire album, in order. The tracks are a hasty blur through the fuzz of blaring speakers and ears of drunken listeners,

shifting their shoulders erratically from side to side in a zombie-like dance.

Opener ‘Years Not Long’ has a tropical twist with the most upbeat vocals and ‘Franklin’ slows things down a touch, but this Dalston trio are relentless.

Just when you think you’ve no more energy to give, this garage-punk band throw out more.

It’s fast, thick-riffed, heavy and an incredibly pleasing and versatile chaos. And the record they launch tonight is just as exciting!

“There’s not a practise that goes by without us passing around a joint”, Ryan laughs.

“We’ve never actually tried playing on acid, because I hear that’s really difficult and not as fun as it sounds.

One time I took acid and recorded a song, Male Bonding which I thought was super-happy and joyous.

Then I listened to it the next day and it sounded like… garbage.” They maintain a curiosity in nature,

too – Adrian is apparently a botanic buff: “He’s really into plants. On the road he always tells us what plants are edible and which ones are psychoactive.

He’s into landscaping as well. I think he’s working in a nature resort right now, taking care of the place.”

Who says bands these days aren’t well-rounded?

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