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Letter to the editor

Thanks for CameraTalk, just received.

A great job, a thankless task! I was interested in your views on the Steve McCurry image of the Afghan girl.

Your comments are at best controversial, but do you know if McCurry was aware of all the background you quote when he took the shot?

In the wider view, did it really matter? I seriously doubt it; and whether he had any idea that it would become as famous as it has (and you do concede this).

 I consider that on this occasion you have over-analysed the circumstances of the taking of the image, but that is your opinion ลาวสามัคคี.

 I recently wrote the piece below, self explanatory, but broadly in the same category as the Afghan girl image.

Certainly, and undisputedly, it was one of the great 20th century images, recognized globally.

“You may have recently seen this iconic photo, repeated as the photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt, has just died at the age of 95.

The image is reputed to be one of the greatest press pictures of all time, taken in New York in August 1945,

when the news had just arrived that Japan had surrendered and WW2 was over.

The celebrations were widespread with much partying in the streets.

The sailor in question (on his own admission later) had had a beer too many and clutched the nurse for a quick kiss of celebration.

Later she could barely recall the incident and the sailor’s wife-to-be (close by) did not take exception to his impulsive deed.”

So, what’s the problem? Well, some clown from #Metoo thinks that he could well have been guilty of sexual harassment. Hello? I was left speechless.

 Is this really how our sense of right and wrong has become so warped and rigid? People who know me are well aware that I maintain “context is everything”, or nearly always so.

 In this case, the widespread feeling of relief was immense – the sailor himself was saved from another tour of duty in the Pacific where he had witnessed untold horrors.

Understandably, the general jubilation was shared by the whole population, not just a few. Go figure, #Metoo.”

 Paul, if you feel inclined to run the item (saves you some pen ink) in CameraTalk, feel free to do so, with a “top n tail”, but please acknowledge authorship.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี

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