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The Exchange and Time to Talk are Oundle’s newest ventures in the Learning for Life sector,

 in which we try to prepare our pupils for later life and give them an education beyond the academic.

The first series ran from September until Christmas Eve and episodes went out every Thursday on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter.

Time to Talk, a series in which pupils have a chat about different topics, was also launched at the same time. The emails that were sent out gave a quick summary of the theme of each week.

As for the overall idea, we asked Ms Dawes, Head of Learning for Life and the main driving force behind

The Exchange and Time to Talk, a few questions about the programme. What prompted you to start The Exchange?

I wanted to show that in Oundle we acknowledge these difficult topics and can talk about them both as a School and with people who have had first-hand experiences with them.

I wanted to show other schools that these are not conversations to shy away from and that instead we should be open about these conversations. What is your vision for it?

I would like it to be a free, available resource that anyone can use to have these conversations.

This is because I think PSHE can sometimes feel very detached, having someone stand at the front of a class

and talk about topics while you all just sit there and listen. We wanted to provide a space where these conversations could be had, frankly,

and with people who are actively invested in these topics and provide insights deeper than what we could get otherwise.

TERM 3 Do you see it as something for Oundle pupils specifically or a general PSHElike thing for everyone? It is definitely not just an Oundle thing.

The Exchange has spread to many different schools nationwide now, whether public or state, and is now being used by many schools in their PSHE curriculum.

The whole thing with us having been in lockdown made it even more necessary because we weren’t having in-person classes, and pupils weren’t able to simply go and ask their teachers if they needed someone to speak to.

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