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Learn from Linnaeus’ green fingers

History buffs and horticulture fans alike will come across fascinating finds at the Botanical and Linnaeus Gardens in Uppsala.

This year, take the taxonomy father’s advice on self-sufficiency and learn to grow your own vegetables.

“Linnaeus did a great deal of experimenting with growing for self-sufficiency;

he liked the idea of growing plants that were expensive to import and asked whether we couldn’t just grow our own bananas,

coffee and expensive herbs,” explains Lotta Saetre, communications officer at the Botanical Garden of Uppsala University.

Carl Linnaeus is of course mainly known as the father of modern taxonomy,

due to his creation of a system for naming organisms,

but it is his passion for cultivation and harvesting that has inspired this year’s programme.

“For ten days in September, there’ll be an exhibition in the Orangery just about everything connected to growing and harvesting,”

says Saetre, explaining that Uppsala will be full of interesting ways to learn,

from a small stage with talks and performances at the central Fyris Square, to a multitude of pallet collars and other spaces

for planting and harvesting throughout the city.

“Our exhibition will be a treat for the eye as well, Learn from

but our aim is to inspire and provide help Learn from

for those interested in an environmentally conscious approach to growing vegetables.

We’ll talk about ways to use weeds,

how you can extend the growing season, and a long-term perspective for strengthening the soil from one year to the next.”

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