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Jewellery with a story

Symbolic figures, unexpected twists and thought-provoking contrasts

Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter is not afraid to make her jewellery stand out.

Stepping inside the Maria Nilsdotter shop almost feels like stepping inside a cathedral.

The building is old, with the high ceiling and the floor adorned with an impressive mosaic.

Everything in this shop looks majestic, luxurious and a bit surreal – just like her jewellery.

The connection is no coincidence, as the designer points out:

“For me, the shop was like recreating the world all the jewellery is from.

This is their home.”

Every single piece in Nilsdotter’s collections is inspired by a story or a world, mostly from mythology or folktales, Jewellery with a story

which have always been big interests of hers.

“I read a story and then I collect all the information about the world in the story in my sketchbook.

Slowly, I develop my own world and all the jewellery in it.”

Because of where her inspiration comes from, several pieces appear gothic and dark.

But she recently launched the new Éternel Collection, characterised by some finer pieces and precious stones such as tsavorite,

pink sapphire and amethyst, all set in gold and silver.

The new collection acts as a complement to her other collections, Jewellery with a story

allowing the wearer to mix and match bigger and finer pieces and thereby making the story of the jewellery their own.

Contrast is something Nilsdotter very much appreciates.

“I like it when you can make the scary and dark pretty. Or when you can even make it a little bit funny,” she says.

She only creates pieces she would wear herself, and because she often mixes different types and sizes of jewellery,

she wants her collections to urge other people to do the same.

Moreover, her store at Sturegatan 6 is decorated using contrasts,

for example juxtaposing the old building and dark painted walls with her shiny, modern jewellery.

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