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Here We Go Magic

There’s been a fair bit of quirkiness emerging from New York City
recently, and Here We Go Magic clearly also feel the need to be
different, to produce something oblique and unconventional.

There are good and bad ways of achieving that aim, though. All
shuffling beats and abstract backdrops, opener ‘Hibernation’ is
dangerously close to improvised jazz levels of self-indulgence, while
the wibbling drivel that is ‘Old World United’ seems almost

When the band do forget their preeningly self-conscious
otherness, things improve dramatically – ‘Land Of Feeling’ is
a wide,

reflective soundscape, and a high point of the record. Yet the
point of music is surely to engage,

reflect or induce in us a range of emotions – and for the most part, like a more irritating Vampire Weekend, ‘Pigeons’ either induces frustration, indifference, or both.

This devotion to repetition in the rhythm section might put some punters off, although that’s hard to imagine when the basslines are as breathtaking as on ‘ For So Long’ and ‘ Fallin’, to name but two.

At the show later, combined with between-song field-recordings, treated samples of Steve Reich’s ‘ It’s Gonna Rain’ and a confluence of disco ball and projector lights in the right hand corner of the ceiling,

it works to it’s usual time-distorting, trance-inducing effect; pasted over with free keyboard and guitar improvisations

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