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Live though, Ami [vocals], Yonatan [guitar] and Haggai [drums] offer the punk show of your life

Lightning Bolt by way of semi-naked My Name Is Earls; the funk of Rage Against

The Machine without therighteous politics; a hairy, sweaty master class in performer/audience relations;

the most entertaining thing we’ve seen since ever. We know this because we’ve watched Ami’s

bum cheeks clamp some poor voyeur’s face, Haggai chase his drum kit around the room whilst

his singer pours Guinness, beer and all other fluids in reach on
his head, and the whole band

perform above us and under our arms. Their Islington Garage gig was wild.

“It wasn’t too wild to tell you the truth,” says Ami, a man whose eyes bulge out of his face like a pantomimic WF wrestler “not compared to Leeds. HAIR

It was really crowded there – you couldn’t move. HAIR

People got wild, but not wild in a violent way, it’s wild because people dance
and get free.”

Remember that – Ami’s trainer sole in your cheek is not violence; it’s getting free.

Him snatching your pint isn’t bullying either, it’s just part of the show, and Monotonix shows are all about letting yourself go.

Watching from afar, safe at the back of a soon-to-beslippery venue is not an option,

because before two sleazy tracks are over you’ll be at the front, and not because you’ve been unwillingly bumped forward by those around you.

At the Garage’s not-so-wild tour stop, the band positioned their drums and
guitar amp on the floor just in front of the stage and skulked around their setup in short shorts and little else.

The eager sweat glands and handlebar moustaches added to the menace
and tension.

Still, we wanted to see if ‘Where Were You…’ really could sound as unprocessed as we’d heard it does when played live, so the front was for us.

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