Some (well, most, from the sound of the grumbles around us on Friday night)

will have you believe that Gorillaz’ headline set would have been more thrilling if U2 had in fact shown up to only play ‘The Sweetest Thing’

twenty times over… instrumentally… at half speed. Some, are clearly idiots. Damon Albarn always had his work cut out,

not just stepping into Bono’s Fair Trade loafers but also following his Blur top spot of 2009.

Then, everyone knew every word; tonight Glastonbury knows a bit of ‘DARE’,

but soon gets bored of that, despite the nonchalant, caned cool of Sean Ryder’s appearance in Primark sunglasses,

looking as unimpressed with the crowd as they do with him. He’s one of a million very special guests,

“When we went to DJ in Japan, that would have only happened because we’d started the label.

It was really funny.” Nadia: “Yeah, gorillaz it was in a record store that was like Rough Trade.

I think it’s gone bankrupt now but they stocked all of our records so they wanted us to go out and DJ.

They did a night where it was vinyl only, where you could only DJ records.

We’d only released about five singles, otherwise we would have only taken our own releases.”

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