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When the Dirty Projectors covered Black Flag’s ‘Damaged’ last year,
they drew only from their childhood memories of the album, recorded a great deal of it live and changed the title and running order.

The result was stunning. By contrast, Globo’s vaguely electronica-hued interpretation of ‘This Nation’s Saving Grace’, the album frequently cited as

The Fall’s high watermark, is devoid of any new perspective – it is largely the same notes, in the same order,Globo

faithfully performed on different instruments. The result is a good record – and so it should be, given the classic source material. Globo

But with so little of Globo’s own personality stamped on this socalled “reinterpretation”, one is left wondering quite what the point of this release is.

Beyond satisfying a fanboy wet dream.

But there’s San Francisco psychedelists Wooden Shjips, who revitalise the evening with their swirling tie-dye cloaked soundscapes.

Their acidic, organ-led rock’n’roll often trails off into long-winded Krautrock-like freak-outs

that have listeners nodding into their pints, but they’re an adorably mismatched assortment all the same – guitarist Erik ‘Ripley’

Johnson’s cartoonish gold turban is a particular highlight.

Had this been forty years previous, they’d be first in line for a Roger Corman film soundtrack.

Les Savy Fav are well placed to pick up the beats.

Decked out in voodoo make-up and black hoodies, they hurtle through ‘Patty Lee’ as the audience place bets on when bearded, bellied frontman Tim Harrington will get naked.

Two songs in and he’s topless, make-up melting down his face, and ends the rousing alt.indie-punk belter ‘Yawn Yawn Yawn’ wearing a demon baby
figure like a hat.

What LSF lack in a thrilling sonic catalogue – ‘Tragic Monsters’ and ‘The Sweat Descends’ are the remaining sing-along treats – but Harrington, deprived of a mega dose

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