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Glasser is Cameron Mesirow – an LA local with the kind of GarageBand skills that could close down every space-wasting recording studio in the world.

‘Ring’ is her debut album and to say it’s extraordinary sounding is a bit like saying “that Afghanistan War’s a bit nasty now, aye?”. Glasser

Opening to the tribal rumble of ‘Apply’, things start off very Bat For Lashes, which is perhaps what makes the track such a standout here.

It’s something of a curveball though. Similar to Natasha Khan’s recent work, African influences are certainly a plenty – especially on ‘Plane Temp’,

which features a recurring group mantra and more rolling drums – but Mesirow

quickly boasts her own unique sound thanks to a voice that makes every song sound like a hymn for the dawn of a new, technology-less world.

It’s odd, then, that synths, processed beats and computers have made ‘Ring’ the intricate, adventurous and organically

sounding album it is beneath its choral centrepiece of Mesirow’s cherub-like, skyward voice

“It’s like you’re always about to say something but don’t,” says Nick.

“We used to wear masks sometimes,” says Kat “but every outfit we’d wear would be plagued with disaster.”

“We played this show dressed in these jellyfish costumes we’d made,” explains Nick.

“Well, I say jellyfish, it wasn’t like they looked that much like jellyfish.”

Kat: “I spent ages on those, they DID look like jellyfish.” Nick: “Well, I thought it looked like we were in strange domes, like abstract jellyfish.

But the thing about this was that the tentacles would get wrapped up in our instruments.

It’d pull your head all over the place and it became impossible to play… I think that was the start of my back problems.”

Ok, not ‘sabotage’ and not ‘serious’. Confident. Peepholes are getting more confident at playing live.

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